How to Develop Grit, Mental Toughness,

Persistence, and Resilience


This course equips you with the tools to use overwhelming force against your challenges, so you can conquer them and reach your goals.

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Setbacks are part of any success journey. One of the biggest differences between those that fail and those that succeed is the ability to handle setbacks constructively. This module gives you enough obstacle-fighting tools to overcome setbacks with overwhelming force. Whatever your challenge, you’ll learn a strategy that can get you through it with flying colors.

Lesson 1: Overcoming Obstacles – Introduction

Lesson 2: Achieve Your Goals Regardless Of Obstacles

Lesson 3: 7 Common Obstacles To Your Goals And How To Navigate Them

Lesson 4: Remove Fear And Eliminate Many Of Your Challenges

Lesson 5: Direct Solutions The Fastest Way To Resolve Challenges

Lesson 6: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing When You're Up Against A Wall

Lesson 7: 8 Proven Strategies That Help You Get Through Hopeless Situations

Lesson 8: Believing In Yourself Through The Toughest Times

Lesson 9: Overcoming Failures To Reach Success

Lesson10: Module 1 Summary And Reflection

Module 1 - The Overwhelming Force Method To Handling Setbacks - Quiz


Motivation is the force that powers your success. Without it, the slightest setback will cause you to call it quits. Motivating yourself is a skill that can be learned. Master this skill, and any goal becomes easier to accomplish. This module gives you the tools to master motivation.

Lesson11: How To Motivate Yourself To Do Great Things

Lesson 12: Achieve Greater Success With A Daily Self Motivating Regimen

Lesson 13: Maintaining The Enthusiasm To Succeed Despite Struggles

Lesson 14: Module 2 Summary And Reflection

The Mental Motivation Trick - Quiz

Module 3 - Learning To Persevere Description

Module 3 starts off with pondering an interesting question: What’s more important – grit or talent? Find out how they compare and what it has to do with achieving your goals. Learn strategies to finish what you start and discover what to do when you feel like quitting.

Lesson 15: Grit Versus Talent

Lesson 16: Persistence Pays Learning To Finish What You Start

Lesson 17: Instead Of Quitting Try This

Lesson 18: Module 3 Summary And Reflection

Module 3 - Learning To Persevere - Quiz


This module is a fun project! Following the instructions, you’ll get to create a detailed picture of the future, living the successful life you always dreamed of. You’ll show the actions you take to overcome your obstacles and reach your goals.

Lesson 19: Writing Your Own Success Story – Part 1

Lesson 20: Writing Your Own Success Story – Part 2

Bonus Lessons:

Bonus 1: I Learn Lessons In Love That Help To Make My Relationship Stronger

Bonus 2: My Marriage Is A Priority

Bonus 3: Do You Have Realistic Expectations For Your Partner

Bonus 4: My Marriage Is Evolving Into A More Stable And Loving Relationship

Bonus 5: Top Advice From Couples Therapists

Bonus 6: Communication Strengthens My Relationships

Bonus 7: Expressing My True Feelings Comes Easily For Me

Bonus 8: I Listen And Try To Understand

Bonus 9: Top 10 Critical Communication Skills For Couples

Bonus 10: Reflective Listening Process

Bonus 11: My Words Are Soothing To My Spouse

Bonus 12: I Approach Disagreements With An Open Mind

Bonus 13: 8 Strategies To Respond To Someone Whos Angry

Bonus 14: Clearing Exercise

Bonus 15: Discovery Exercise

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