Do you struggle with life issues and don't know what to do? Do you have goals you want to reach but you just can't motivate yourself to get there or stay committed? Do you wish you had someone to push you? Do you ever feel alone and wish there was someone there to help you and listen?


You're in luck! I can help you with that! I enjoy listening to others and help guide them with no judgment. I do not solve your problems as you will do that yourself, I give the best listening ear and coping skills I've encountered. I also have helped myself and others out of countless situations.

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PlanBetter My Day
Duration1 week

Are you looking to get something off your chest or need advice on a current situation? Have you ever longed for advice or someone to just to listen? Let me be that person for you. I am in no way a professional but I have experienced a lot in life as myself and helping others. I feel like I can offer you the best listening ear and advice that I’ve encountered over the years. I have also helped myself and others out of countless situations. Life is so complex and there are so many different ways to solve problems. I hope we can figure them out together. Topics include: Relationship problems Friend, family & social problems Sexual issues Work-related problems Stress Anxiety Health problems

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