10 Simple Mind-blowing Coping Statements for Anxiety That Deliver Results

10 Simple Mind-blowing Coping Statements  for Anxiety That Deliver Results

Actively replacing irrational thoughts with more balanced and logical thoughts make managing anxiety possible.

Here are some examples of thoughts or statements you can say to help manage your anxiety.

1. Sometimes, what I am feeling is false and irrational. I will be OK. I am going to take a break and relax. Everything is going to work out, and I am safe.

2. I may feel bad because of my anxiety, but it's not dangerous, Nothing is wrong with me, Everything will work out and be OK.

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3. Right now, I don't feel good; feelings come and go. I am aware this is only temporary. I have been through this before. I will get through it again.

4. What I see in my head isn't the truth or rational. I can change my thinking, focus my thoughts on something positive, and I love myself. For example I am grateful for______________ in my life.

You're enough, I promise you're enough.

5. I have succeeded in interrupting and altering these thoughts in the past - I know I can achieve it again. The more I practice, the easier it will become. My anxiety is a habit - a habit I am going to overcome.

6. The sky isn't falling, SO what if I am anxious? I am safe, and it isn't going to kill me. I need to take a few breaths and look around. I am not in danger, and Nothing here will hurt me. I am OK.

7. Take a deep breath, take the next step. Just do the next thing.

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8. I will get through his period of anxiety; I will grateful that I did. I persevered and succeeded.

9. I can do a great job and still be anxious; the more I focus on the task, the faster my anxiety will ease and fade away.

10. My anxiety doesn't control me, it's something I am overcoming and it will get better as time goes on.