15 Ways to Have an AMAZING Valentine's Day on a Budget It would be nice to spend indiscriminately, especially on holidays like Valentine's Day. But not everyone has the necessary financial situation to go on a spending spree. The good news is: you can have a great Valentine's Day without spending a lot of money! Retailers want you to spend your money, but there's no reason to buy into their hype. Love can't be purchased.

Try these inexpensive Valentine's Day ideas:

1. Eat dinner at home, but go out for drinks and dessert. Forget the reservations and the high cost of a meal on the town—Cook a delicious, romantic dinner at home. Head over to a nice bar for dessert.

2. Find a flower option besides roses. Roses cost a small fortune on Valentine's Day. Find another flower your significant other loves. Many women don't like roses. Ask about her favorite flower.

3.Rent a few romantic movies and stay on the couch. It's easy to find a list of romantic movies. You don't even have to get dressed up. The popcorn is less expensive at home, too. You can even talk during the movie.

4. Go to a hotel instead of a trip. Save on travel expenses and visit a local hotel for the night. Consider finding one with a tub for two.

5. Have an indoor picnic. Unless you're in the south, it's a little cold for an outdoor picnic in February. Clear out space on the living room floor and have your picnic inside. Anything is possible.

6. Look for free or inexpensive entertainment. You can find quality entertainment on the cheap. Museums, local theater companies, art galleries, and food and wine tastings can all be both entertaining and inexpensive.