9 Things Emotionally Healthy People Do

9 Things Emotionally Healthy People Do

9 Things Emotionally Healthy People Do

You know a few emotionally healthy people. Their relationships seem to go smoothly. They get their work done on time. Happiness appears to be their most common emotional state. They don’t have financial challenges. They maintain a healthy body weight.

They don’t seem to any more talented or intelligent than you. What’s the difference? Why do they manage life more efficiently and effectively than you do?

Emotionally healthy people do things that others do not:

1. Create healthy boundaries. Successful relationships require healthy boundaries.

When boundaries are undefined or unhealthy, the relationship will eventually hurt your life. Consider where you’re vulnerable and create boundaries to protect yourself.

2. Delay gratification. Whether you want to finish school, lose 20 pounds, or get your work done before 5:00 pm, it’s necessary to delay gratification. For example, eating a cupcake now is more gratifying at the moment than declining. But in the long run, forgoing cupcakes will help you meet your goal of losing weight. Those who act impulsively and can’t delay gratification lack the ability to follow through with wise long-term decisions. If you make life easy on yourself in the short-term, you pay the price in the long-term.

3. Emotionally healthy people can be by themselves. “By yourself” doesn’t mean sitting on the couch with a pizza and Netflix. You’re not alone. You have two companions with you. Can you sit quietly, by yourself, with nothing but your thoughts? Or does anxiety about your life create too much discomfort? How much time do you spend distracting yourself from reality?

4. They can adapt to change. Do you go with the flow, or does any change throw you for a loop? Emotionally healthy people can roll with the punches and maintain a positive attitude.

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