Eating Healthier

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or not, eating healthy is important. Of course you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan. Here are some tips for healthier diet:

  • Eat often in small portions -Try to eat 5 times per day in small portions.

  • Start small - Don’t go head first into some kind of drastic diet. Just make small healthy decisions like “I’ll have a banana instead of chocolate bar for snack”

  • Reduce the amount of meat -You do not have to avoid meat completely and perhaps you can cut back on the amount of meat you per week. Eating meat every day isn’t too healthy. Once in three days or so would be ideal.

  • Home-cooked meals - Cooking at home not only saves money but you are way more likely to eat healthier.

  • Listen to cravings - Now I’m not talking about chocolate cravings but sometimes you might really crave bananas or eggs. It means your body is missing something so eat the eggs and banana… separately tho.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself - Occasional taco or pizza will not hurt you and it is definitely healthy for your mental state.

  • Avoid stealing in the kitchen - Don’t come back to the kitchen repeatedly for just one piece of chocolate every time. You will eat a lot eventually. Try to sit down with your food and avoid snacking in between snacks.

  • No binge eating - Easier said than done I know…

  • Eat vegetables daily - Eating greens daily apparently isn’t normal for everyone but it should be. Try preparing them in different ways, Steam them, throw them in soups, Litley season them on a salad, etc.

  • Breakfast - Not everyone is able to eat breakfast in the morning. My mom for example feels too nauseous to eat in the morning. But if you make it part of your routine it’s the best thing you can do in the morning.

  • Difference between morning and afternoon snacks - In the morning you need a bit of sugar to keep you going between breakfast and lunch. The best option for this is fruit. In the afternoon it’s better to slowly reduce the sugar and snack vegetables.

  • Small dinner - In many countries it is normal to have big warm dinners and small lunch. Try to switch it.

  • Drink water - If not water then at least tea or a juice. It doesn’t have to be two liters daily either. Try to keep it at over a liter every day and your body will ask for more if it needs. Switch coffee for green tea - I’m not saying never ever drink coffee again but if you drink for example… 3 cups of coffee every day, then have 2 cups of coffee and 1 green tea. After some time have 2 cups of tea and one coffee and so on.

  • Reduce the amount of black tea - It is not good for you to drink more than one or two cups every day.

That’s all the tips I collected through the years.

Please keep in mind I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. These tips are for generally healthy people with no food restrictions.