Do positive affirmations work?

Do positive affirmations work?

Do positive affirmations work?

The person we speak to the most is ourselves. Think about how you talk to others and the responses you get in return. When you talk to a group of people in an uplifting way, does the energy in the room change? How does it feel if you're on a car ride with two people that just flat out are ignoring each other? Can you feel the tension in the car? I firmly believe the way we speak to ourselves and the words we choose to use in doing so really plays a huge part in how we view things. So to answer the question do positive affirmations work, the answer is yes.

But there is more...

Positive affirmations have a lot more to it besides just telling yourself that you are something or you'll become something. Think about how you change your mind on things or about things. Let's take your family, for example, if you had a relative that negatively complained about their significant other. Would you then think positive thoughts about them their partner? Probably not. Let's say out of the kindness of your heart you wanted to give them a chance. What do you think would happen if you just told yourself over and over again that they are the right person? Most likely you wouldn't believe it, why? You got it; there is no evidence to back it.

My point is that you can tell yourself positive thoughts about yourself all day long, but if you don't find the proof to believe them the odds of the positive affirmations are low that will hold. The key is to find the evidence that backs the reasons why you are saying the positive statements about yourself.

Here is an example: Positive affirmation can help you perform better at work. Think about what you do best, what kinds of work ethics do you bring to the table? Then tell yourself I am amazing at my job because I am always on time; I complete tasks promptly. Adding the proof to why you are saying yourself the positive affirmations are giving your brain a logical answer and making it a real connection.

Think about what makes you a great worker. What are your great qualities, and why would you hire yourself? Think positive thoughts can calm your nerves and raise your confidence, and in return, this can increases your overall chance of success.

If we know that negatively talking to others can hurt their self-esteem and confidence, then why would speaking to ourselves in a positive way have the opposite effect? Studies have shown that positive affirmation can relieve stress.

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