Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Studies consistently show that emotional intelligence is much more important than IQ because it relates directly to happiness and success. Many highly intelligent adults struggle in day-to-day life due to a lack of emotional intelligence.

Making an effort to increase your child's emotional intelligence is one of your most important tasks as a parent.

Avoid downplaying this important factor of happiness and success. Those with a higher level of emotional intelligence enjoy more satisfying careers and stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

Emotional intelligence has five components:

1. Self-regulation of emotional states. An emotionally healthy person can manage their moods appropriately and successfully.

2. The ability to motivate yourself. Staying the course despite doubt and distractions is an important component of emotional intelligence.

3. Empathy for others. This includes the ability to recognize emotions and feelings in others and choose an appropriate course of action.

4. Navigating relationships. This aspect deals with conflict resolution, treating others appropriately, and receiving the same in return.

5. Self-awareness. It's important to be able to recognize your own thoughts and emotions dispassionately to make wise choices.

These five qualities are important in all aspects of life. Just as a child learns to read or do multiplication, it's important to learn how to manage and recognize emotion in oneself and others.

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