HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF? 7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Self Image

HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF? 7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Image

How Do You Define Yourself?

What do you tell people about yourself? Have you ever thought about how what you say about yourself transmits intimate knowledge to others? Do you say things like, “I never get anything done,” or “I’m so disappointed with my career,” or “I wish I was a better parent?”

The reality is that when you say less-than-positive things about yourself to others, you create an inaccurate image of you in their minds.

Ponder these points to enhance your self-image as well as how others see you:

1. What kind of person are you? How would you describe yourself?

2. List your positive personal qualities. What are the very best things about you? Spend some time looking at your actions.

  • Maybe you consider the needs of others over your own.

  • Perhaps you’re a very giving person.

  • You might see yourself as patient, kind, confident, or “devil-may-care.”

  • You could be a pioneer of sorts—you’re never afraid to try something new.

  • Do you step up to help an elderly neighbor anytime she needs it?

  • Are you an “idea” person at work where others look to you to problem-solve a situation?