How to Free Yourself by Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone

How to Free Yourself by Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone

How to Free Yourself by Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone.

The Fear of loneliness affects almost all of us. It is only natural for human beings to want to feel close and connected with others.

Many psychologists and mental health professionals agree that being connected and having a support network is one of the most important prerequisites for healthy and happy existence. Unfortunately, there are times when we find ourselves alone due to factors that are often out of our control.

The thought of being alone for extended periods of time can be terrifying or elicit feelings of anxiety and sadness.

Why is the idea of being alone so scary?

The Primal Switch

What is it about being alone that flips a primal switch in us, causing us so much emotional discomfort?

  • The answer probably lies within the fields of Evolutionary Psychology and Human Development. There are adaptive advantages to fearing being alone.

  • During ancient times, people that traveled alone would have been more vulnerable to attacks from predators and other neighboring tribes. Being alone also could have meant that one would have to fend for himself, which would greatly decrease one's chances of survival in the wild.

  • We also know that people need contact and touch at a young age. A famous study performed on a group of monkeys found that when young monkeys were raised without physical touch and warmth from their mother, they would show signs of mental illness and distress later on in life.

  • This is not to say that humans are the same as monkeys. But, at a very basic and primal level, many animals (humans included) have an