How to Stay on Top of Life when you Feel Depressed

1. Commit to only doing the basic needs of the day; don't overdo it by pushing yourself to finish everything.

2. Acknowledge your feelings, and accept that the day is going to be more challenging to get through.

3. Organize and prioritize what tasks are important, For example, if you have a meeting you have to be at then make sure you make it, however, if it can wait until another day then allow it.

4. Break up your to-do list into sections, take as many breaks as you need as you check them off.

5. Talk to someone who will understand, have support in tough times is essential.

6. Make sure to get some fresh air, a change of scenery can be crucial. Deliberately

7. Take a break from social media, log out, disable the app. Allow yourself to take a break from the outside noise.

8. Consciously make time for self-care... make sure it is something that will increase your happiness and mood. Keep in mind tomorrow is another NEW day.