Is My friend Toxic ? 7 Harsh Signs Your Friend is Toxic.

Is my friend toxic?

Is my friend toxic?

I am sitting here in a coffee house waiting for my drip coffee to brew typing away and in doing so I am listening to others chat. Yes, I am eavesdropping. Some of the conversations that I am hearing are just complaining about other people, things that they hate in life or how they can't stand what's going on in their. I know that some of what I am hearing is just friends venting to friends but this got me really thinking, are my friends toxic.? So, I did a little research and came up with a list of my top 7 harsh signs your friends could be toxic.

First off let's define what the meaning of a toxic person is so that we both are on the same page. A toxic person can be defined as someone who always uses or takes advantage of others in the name of friendship and is deceitful,overbearing, self centered, always looking for favors from you and talks sh*t behind your back if or when those favors aren't received.

1) You're putting way more effort than you're getting out.

If your toxic friend keeps hitting you up asking for that favor again and again, but is nowhere to be found when you need the smallest favor in return then this is a toxic behavior. I am not saying that you should just dump your friend. I get that friendships and people have up and downs, they might just get busy or need a break. We as friends do need to stay flexible, I agree. I also think that we know when we are putting in way too much and not getting much in return. So if you feel your efforts aren't being met equally then it's probably time to think of other options and move on from this friendship.

Is my Friend Toxic?

2) You Fear Checking your phone.

Social media has made everything at our fingertips, so keeping up with our friends is no different. A good friend shouldn't cause you anxiety when you see a text ot a call from them. I used to be a owner of a pick up truck and this never hit so close to home as it did during that time. I would dred answering my phone, 60 percent of the time it would be someone asking if the could borrow my truck or worse have me help them move. I am not saying they are toxic for asking, I am just saying that I had that same type of feeling. So if you feel that tightness in your chest when you see the phone light up with their name attached to it, this might be a good sign your friend is toxic