Spend less time on your phone!

Many of us (most of us even) have a problem with spending too much time on our phones.

It doesn’t necessarily has to be an addiction yet but you still might find yourself mindlessly scrolling instead of doing something productive. And the productive thing doesn’t even have to be work or studying! It can be working out or reading more books.

Here are some tips how to reduce the time wasted on your phone:

  • Replace the bad habit -Every single time you find yourself bored and wanting to check your phone do something else! Read a book or doodle! Make it a new habit.

  • Turn off unnecessary notifications -Turn off notifications from youtube and facebook. Just leave the important things like email, calls or some of the chats.

  • Schedule times to check social media -Let’s face it: the phone is fun. By scheduling some time to have fun with it will help you avoid endless scrolling with your brain off.

  • Leave it in the other room -You don’t always have to have your phone by your side especially when you are home.Delete some apps -Find the app that causes you the most trouble and delete it. Or at least make it harder to get to it by deleting the icon from your homescreen.

  • Turn it off for the night -Buy an alarm clock okay?

  • Try go a few days off of socials completely -Just try it out. To be honest it’s freeing.

  • Ask friends to put away their phones too in social gatherings -We often find ourselves in a group of friends where everybody has their phone in hands. In that moment it’s not easy to stay off of it.Don’t put it on the table -Leave it in your bag.

  • Don’t carry it in your pocket -B.A.G.