Power of Gratitude - How To Increase Your Gratitude Everyday

Power of Gratitude

Let's say I have in my pocket I have a magic pill that could make you live healthier, happier, change your view on life and even increase your productivity, what if I told you this pill was completely free and it took very little to no effort, would you be interested?

Let me just put it this way.

If this pill existed, would you want one?

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude, by definition, is "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."

Science says choosing a life full of gratitude makes us happier and more optimistic. What I love about gratitude is it requires minimal effort, and it's FREE! Yes free, no money down, it doesn't even need you to take out a loan to give you a better life.

Here are five reasons gratitude will or can improve your productivity.

Gratitude attracts what we want. The more thankful you are of things, the more you'll want those things. The law of attraction says that we will attract things we think about the most, so when we are continuously grateful for our blessing, then, in theory, we should be drawing more of those things.

"We take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick

Gratitude reduces negativity. Have you ever tried to complain about something while laughing? This is the same kind of mindset you'll have; it's tough to be cynical about things when you are thinking about things in which you are so grateful for. The quickest way to increase the outlook or mood of your current situation is to think about what we have to be blessed for.

Gratitude will improve relationships. As soon as we can learn to talk, our parents are teaching us the importance of "thank you." We are taught this to be respectful, yes, but also it's showing how to be grateful in a positive way. This lesson in childhood is compelling. This is one that many of us carry into adulthood and use every day. How do you feel when people let you know that they appreciate you? Does their gratitude towards you increase the value of that relationship? Do you positively see them? Be grateful for those that add value to your life with their actions, talents, and positive contributions. Make sure that you make a real effort to reach out and make them aware of truly how appreciative you are of them.

Gratitude improves problem-solving skills. Very often, we look at problems in a very negative way. If we are grateful to be in the situation, then we can learn to look at it from different angles. This creates more opportunities to solve the problem in different ways that might not have been available.

Gratitude helps us learn. We are bothered by the issue that comes up, we automatically put up barriers and try to put it off. What if we changed our mindset in a way that we are grateful for this opportunity to learn something new. We might even get the chance to learn something new about ourselves. As soon as gratitude is allowed into the negative situation it will take over; the outlook will begin to brighten, perspectives and opportunities will open up that weren't there before. I challenge you that next time you have a problem to take a step back and be grateful that you have the chance to learn something new. Be thankful and see how it can change the outcome.

"Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it's all an experience." - Roy T. Bennett

You might be saying ok sounds excellent, Mr. Write, but how does this having this "gratitude" most the time work.

It's simple; I am going to give it to you for free today just for reading. You can take it with you everywhere you go.

Let's practice right now.

1. Write down five things right now that you are grateful for. (Don't type the, actually write them down on paper) These things can be as big as (your family, friends, pets) or simple little things (like the fact you made someone lunch, put away laundry, held the door open or even smiled at someone in passing) Do it now.

2. Take a few minutes to read over this list and think about each one. Allow yourself to feel good.

3. If there is someone that you thought of in your mind or that is written down take a minute to send them a text, email or even call them to let them know how much you appreciate them.

This is a great exercise you can pull out anytime and do, You don't have to stop at 5 things, in fact it's a great idea to keep in ongoing in a journal or notebook - this way you can return to the list at any time and reflect positively, this will reinforce your gratitude.

Remember that Gratitude is an Attitude. Gratitude is a habit; recognition is a choice we make every day. When you begin to think in a grateful way for the situations, people in our lives and for the resources we have around us, we will then start to attract a better experience. This habit will strengthen over time as you make a choice each day.

Feel free to comment below and share how this exercise works for you.

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