Signs that Life is Demanding your Attention

Signs that Life is Demanding your Attention

1. When you see a pattern (self-sabotaging or self-defeating) reappearing and repeating themselves

2.Feeling of pain from unresolved problems and issues from the past, preventing you from enjoying and experience life in the now. Mainly if they are triggered easier and more frequent than before.

3. You're having trouble managing dominant emotions - like extreme crying and overwhelming anger.

4. You feel anxious, restless, and dissatisfied and feel as if something needs to change in your life.

Solitude isn’t loneliness. Solitude is when the entire universe seems to surround and hold you quietly. -Victoria Erickson

5. You feel dazed or shocked by something that has happened and can't pick up the pieces and 'be normal' again.

6. You keep pushing down your feelings and denying your emotions, but they keep resurfacing – and crying for attention.

7. You're afraid of digging deeper … so you make a lot of changes that are surface, superficial – but don't really set you free.

8. You can't let go of something that meant a lot to you – a disappointment, or a failure, or a past relationship.