Tips for Recovering from Codependency

Tips for Recovering from Codependency

1. Join a support group. Maintaining a strong support network can be very beneficial. There are different 12-step groups for family members affiliated with alcohol and drug addiction, or you may also wish to investigate Codependents Anonymous (CoDA). 2. Let go of the past. Start to see yourself as a recovering codependent, not as a victim. You may have learned some coping mechanisms that were self-defeating, but you can change and learn healthier ways of interacting. 3. Pursue your own dreams. The journey from being codependent to interdependent in relationships is a journey of self-discovery. It may be a time of rediscovering long-buried fantasies or creating dreams and a future for yourself; you never thought possible.

Promise yourself to never abandon yourself again.

4. Practice detachment. You may need to stop letting other people’s problems become your own. Allow those you care about to be responsible for their own words and actions without interference from you. 5. End or pause relationships that are unsupportive. There may come a time in your recovery where a relationship you’ve clung to is no longer working for you. If that person is unable to support you in moving forward, you may need to let it go. If this is the case, consider talking it over with a counselor. 6. Take care of your physical well-being. In order to heal emotionally, you need to feel good physically. Be sure to get adequate sleep, eat a balanced diet, and get daily exercise.

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