Trapped in a Relationship: How Not to Become a Relationship Slave

Trapped in a relationship

People are designed to connect and help others. We often feel comfort when interacting with others. We seek warmth, happiness, and fulfillment in knowing others are there for us. Sometimes our choices are rewarding; other times they fall short. The thing is that it can be tough to determine what will work and what won't. We tend to use our emotions instead of our brains to choose the right mate. This leads us to select the type of person we want and not the kind of person we need to push us to be a better person.

However, there is a lot more that goes into forming connections with someone than just making a choice. Frequently, relationships that start on the right foot can hit some bumpy spots along the way. The ups and downs are typical in most relationships and should be expected. If they start to seem more frequent and last an extended amount of time, you might have to ask yourself if this connection is right for you.

Keep in mind when you are in a relationship, between the ages of 20-30, adults will change an average of 5 times. Meaning our goals, wants, needs, views for every decade after we will change one time. Relationships will naturally progress and change, trapping yourself in a relationship can be a time-waster.

Let's look into what happens if things seem to be going well at the beginning of a relationship and how we get trapped or stuck so easily. The goal here is to see the signs and stop them or get out before we get trapped.

What is a Relationship Slave?

A relationship slave is someone who feels stuck and can't leave a relationship. They basically trusted and gave all the power to the other person. The easiest way to do this is by not bringing in money or not having transportation. The person that is the slave often isn't happy and wants to leave but has no way to provide for themselves on their own.

Why Do We Feel Stuck in the Relationship?

Why Do We Feel Trapped in the Relationship?

You most likely feel stuck in a relationship because one or both of you stopped progressing. I say this all the time. If you watched the same movie everyday, you could anticipate every line and move in the film. That doesn't sound exciting to me. Over the years, I have been in a few relationships that I felt stuck, or they just felt dead, and as I reflect, I asked myself what happened and why did they fail.

The standard answer that I came up with is that one person got comfortable and content in the relationship; they were okay with just how it was. The growth stopped; they didn't want to push into the next chapter of life. They didn't get new hobbies or grow the hobbies they already had; they stayed in the same job; they didn't interact with friends or new friends to have unique stories to tell. Often, we feel stuck when we know every move of our partner. You ask yourself where are we going? So to answer the question, the reason you feel stuck in your relationship is because of you are flat out bored. It's just not going in the direction you are hoping.

Reasons You're Stuck or Become a Slave in Your Relationship

The reasons we get stuck in a relationship, often we give all the power to someone else. In the cases that I have