Understanding the Law of Vibration

Understanding the Law of Vibration

What is the principle of vibration?

Everything is moving; Everything vibrates, nothing rests. The principle of vibrations embodies the truth that nothing is entirely still. Everything has a frequency of energy that is admitted back into the universe. Matter, energy, and even spirit are different rates of vibration.

The Law of Vibration:

First off, we must understand that EVERYTHING is energy; it vibrates and moves. When I say everything, I mean everything, from the people around us, the walls that build our homes, to whatever you're sitting on reading this article.

Look out your window, what do you see? Can you see trees, rocks, leaves, dirt, concret? What about the things you can't see — the tiny dust particles floating through the ray of light shining in? What about our thoughts and other people's thoughts, they are all vibrating on a specific frequency.

Once we get the core idea, we can move onto the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

"Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn. And so, you might see the powerful Law of Attraction as a sort of Universal Manager that sees to it that all thoughts that match one another lineup." ~ Ask, and It's Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Breaking this down into the most straightforward form, what you want you will attract.

For me, this is a basic guideline I use when I want to plan out goals or achieve something in life. This guideline is no means a magic pill or a fix-all approach. If we want this to work in your lives, there are some rules that we must pay attention to and follow if we're going to have any success with raising our vibrations.

Critical Rules to raise our vibrations:

1) We must tune to the right frequency. When we want to listen to our favorite songs on the radio, we must tune the correct frequency to get the signal, with raising your vibrations is no different. You must first imagine what you want; then you have to envision seeing yourself doing it. Day in and day out, you must think as if you already have what you desire.

When I think back in my life where this has happened, I put a few things together, and I am going to share them with you.

My Life Examples:

My first example is when I was dating, I would think about the type of girls I would date and think to myself. What kind of girls haven't I been with? At the time, I didn't date a lot of blondes. It wasn't that I had an issue dating them; I didn't attract them. So, I started to have this silly idea before I understood the law of attraction. I just started to envision myself talking to more blondes, going on dates with blondes and before I knew I was getting hit up by more blondes in public and online. I started to keep track, and before I realized it, I was going on dates with more blondes than any other hair color. Now I know this seems quite shallow, and it might be, but I was 30 and just a year into being single again. I wasn't looking to just right back into something long term.

Here is another example, I live in the Seattle area; ever since I was 12, I would ask myself. "What the heck is in Maine?" "Why doesn't anyone talk about Maine?" "What kind of people live in Maine?" These are legit questions I had. At the time, the internet wasn't as big a thing. I read through a few encyclopedias my grandma had, but they were just as old as I was probably. I kept this thought and idea my whole life. I used to tell myself that one day, I will visit Maine and see what it's all about. Again at the time, I had no idea why Maine was such a big deal to me.

I think it's important to note that growing up and up to just a year ago I didn't see myself getting married. If people asked I didn't think marriage was a necessary thing to have to do in life. It doesn't mean that if you are married, it's a bad thing. I didn't think it was a must thing that needed to take place.

- Fact: Everything Vibrates -

You, probably and see where this is going now, I met my now wife on a dating app. We started talking and hanging out; I asked where she was from, and she stated that she was from Maine. Six months into the relationship her brother was getting married, so my wife bought us tickets to fly to... yes, Maine. So, after all those years of wondering what the heck is in Maine, I took my first trip to the East Coast. Thus, only did I get to go to Maine, I also married a girl from Maine. (Side note: I also said the woman I marry I will also have a 3some with. This also happened before I got married.)

The whole point is that if you keep an idea in your head and become it, make it real thought and live it. You are sending that frequency into the world, and as long as you stay on that frequency, it'll come back to you eventually.

"Everything is an expression of the same thing, energy, on a different vibration. "- Bob Proctor

2) We Must be Passionate about our Intentions

With every fiber in your body, what do you truly want to happen? Can you feel it? Can you become it? Where are you directing your thoughts, where are you sending them? The universe is like a crowd of people at a stadium waiting to hear what you have to say. Every seat in the house is full; all eyes are on you. It's your turn to tell your story, tell them what you want as if it already happened. Tell them your ideas as if you are living it. Send it out into the universe; trust me, it's listening.

3) Trust the Process and Let Go

Letting go means to worry less about what you can't control. Show the universe what you want with your thoughts and actions. Trust that the world is listening and that the process will work. Our minds are always seeking instant gratification in today's word. We want it right now, just like the second example I talked about how I wanted to go to Maine at a young age. It took over 20 years before I got the opportunity to do it. The key is to stay on the frequency to achieve that goal. We often turn the channel or stop watching because of others around us. They knock us off the frequency we are on because we don't appear to have what we want yet.

For example, you tell your buddy you are getting your dream job in a corporate office, you have the idealayed out in your head, you have the confidence like you already got the job. Your buddy then turns to you and says, "bro, you don't be an idiot; you don't even own a suit." You then say, "damn, he's right. Who am I kidding." So you change the frequency, now that idea is on hold until you can get back on it again.

Ways to increase your vibration fast

1) Feed Your Soul

Consume food, water, and products that have high vibrations as possible. Everything carries energy, so as we use or consume those products, we raise or lower our vibration. Choose high-quality products, foods, and water free of hormones, pesticides, chemicals, and other low vibration ingredients. This will raise your vibration to the point you will start to feel it. The more organic, raw, fresh whole foods you can eat, the better they will help raise your vibration.

2) Focus on Feeling Great

Awareness of your thoughts and your focus plays a big part in raising your vibration. When you can be aware of your dreams, you can then began to shift them to a more positive place. The energy you put out into the universe reflects the way you feel and think.

Being aware of your thoughts and keeping your focus on how you feel is vital in keeping your vibration high. When you are aware of what you think about, you can start to shift your thoughts to a more positive place consciously. The way you feel directly reflects where you are energetically, so if you're feeling down and you focus on feeling better, this is a quick way to shift your energy to a better place. To do this focus on what you want and compare that with the situation in which you want to change. This will get your desire to manifest from the energy your putting out; this will instantly make you feel better.

“Women who have learned how to always be in touch with their sensuality can't help but attract at the highest vibrational level than those who have not. In fact, that becomes their default setting. They are a perfect representation of the "early birds catches the fattest worm" adage.” ― Lebo Grand, Sensual Lifestyle

3) Clean Out Your Subconscious

If you ever want to make a change and you can't figure out why most likely it is your subconscious preventing you from doing so. Often we need to declutter all the "Piles of Junk" that is getting in the way of us achieving our goals. Our subconscious is programmed differently than our conscious mind; the subconscious mind comes first and is much more powerful than our conscious mind. We must make sure that both minds are in sync and aligned with each other. The best and fastest way for us to accomplish this is with meditation and Kundalini yoga.

How to use the law of vibration

To use the law of vibration, we must understand that between every situation and how we respond to it, there is a moment in which we will choose if we will react or will we respond? This moment might only be a split second, but we still have the power to make it.

We are like radio beacons of energy, they type of energy we give off is what frequency or wavelength we are on.

Have you ever heard someone say I am in tune or I am on the same wavelength? They are merely saying that they feel they are on the same frequency as the person they are talking to. The frequency we send out is met with others on the same wavelength. If you live a life of depression, anxiety, or anger, you will often attract others on the same frequency as you. This is how people that are both depressed can be happy together. The term "misery loves company" has truth; it is merely saying that miserable people will attract others with the same energy.

If you would like to use the Law of Vibration in a positive way out must first get on a positive wavelength. Positively envision your life, look for the greatness in everything. We have the choice to choose how we respond to every situation. As we practice this day after day, we begin to develop a positive habit. You will start to see that you will attract positive things and people. Your life will become uplifting and positive.

Foods that Raise Your Vibration

  • Fresh fruits

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Nuts

  • Whole grain bread

  • Brown rice

  • Seeds

  • Raw honey

  • Olive oil

  • Fresh herbs

  • Fresh spices

Also it is important to understand that how the food is prepared plays a big part. Fresh veggies will have a higher vibration than frozen veggies. The energy of vibration in food is reduced significantly through processes such as microwaving, frying, canning and dehydrating.

How to Vibrate to a Higher Level

How to Vibrate to a Higher Level

To vibrate on a higher level, you must think about how you can spin the negative things in your life in a positive way. This is called looking for the good in every situation. The quickest way to be able to a higher level of vibration is the ability to forgive. Once you can forgive, you can get to the frequency of neutrality. This is the point where you can observe your thoughts without judgment. Once you can get to the nonjudgmental aspect of viewing our ideas, then we can be able to understand why we are thinking that way.

Everyone has a negative story or stories that they have emotions attached. The ability to be able to forgive what has happened within those stories will allow them to remove the negative emotions and neutralize them. The memory still exists, and it still is a story someone can share, but the negative energy from it is gone. This then allows the person not to experience the negative emotion from what their story was. There is a difference between awareness and attachment. They can be aware of the story and still share where the experience, but they will not have the negative emotions tied to the story like they used to.

Also, the environment that someone is in can affect their vibration. People that we hang out with and associate with can change how we feel or how we are expected to feel. Friends and Family can expect us to act in a certain way, and when we work on improving on raising our vibration, they will be looking for us to still be our old selves. We might have to change who we are hanging out with or not feed into the negativity of others.

Another big one it the rooms or buildings we enter give of vibrations as well. Have you ever went to new restaurants and wanted to leave as soon as you ordered? You had an unsettling feeling, this is the frequency of the room, and you should leave that environment as soon as you can. Also, our home can lower our vibration, be mindful of how each room in your house is affecting your mood. Is it always cluttered and messy? What can you do to tidy it up and feel fresh again? Improving the spaces in which we spend the majority of our time is a great way to raise our frequency to a higher level. Once you can get raise your level to neutrality, then you can begin to get to the level of feeling the power of gratitude.

What a higher vibration feels like

The lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, the higher the frequency of your vibration or energy. You will experience greater clarity, love, happiness, and power. You will have minimal feelings of discomfort, pain, or negativity in your life. Your emotions are very easily managed and dealt with. Overall, your presence within complete harmony, you will experience the feeling of pure bliss.

Use what you learned to start raising your vibrations today. You have the power and the tools to start making the changes to live a positive energy life.

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