What is a Situationship? 11 Signs You’re In A Situationship

What is a Situationship?

Basically, a ‘situationship’ is a relationship that has not official title, but something definitely more than friends with benefits.

You're probably asking yourself what this heck is a situationship or why they heck would you be here? LOL.... I thought the same thing when I heard that people are getting into situationships. As you probably know dating today isn't as clear as the 1950 or 60's. Back then it was more like, "Hey want to go get a burger and a shake? Put on my letterman jacket lets go." BAM -- Married with 3 kids. Now there is a an area right before you have the serious talk about "are we exclusive" called the situationship. If you dated in the modern area odds are you have been in this area a few times. If you're not sure I did some asking around and came up with 11 signs you might be in a situationship.

Urban Dictionary defines a “situationship” as “a relationship that has no label on it…like a friendship, but more than a friendship, but not quite a relationship.”

1.) Your relationship has not title.

When your friends or coworkers ask what are you guys? If you hesitate and say "I dunno, we don't really have a title." Then they might reply with "really? you haven't had the talk yet?" This is a good sign that both of you could be avoiding the conversation and just going with the flow because it benefits both of you. If might be because neither of you want to push it and mess up a good thing. Just because you haven't had the talk yet doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It just means it's not the right time yet.

Signs of a Situationship

2.) You put off talking about the future.

Talking about marriage, babies or where you want to be in the next 10 years can be a not so fun talk in itself. You don't know where you stand and you are avoiding it like the plague. I am not saying that you have to get in that deep either, it can be as simple as how you would fit living together, how you should split the night out, etc.

3.) Date nights are obsolete

You've been dating for awhile and the list of fun date nights have come to an end. The honeymoon stage has ran its course. Both sides are getting a little lazy, Netflix and Relax has turned into the go to norm. It's just easier to just hang out at home. Even if one of you wants to go out, it still isn't brought up. Maybe you can feel it and want to talk about it, but you don't want to rock the boat.

4.) You care for them, but you haven't said the "L" word

You would be sad if you broke up but as far as love goes your heart just isn't in it. You still get excited to hang out and do things, but you don't have the feels that you would normally have with someone you're deeply in love with.