What is the purpose of grit? The Reason we need it for Growth.

What is the purpose of grit?

Think of the goals you have set for yourself. Think of the direction you set for each goal; did you achieve those goals in the time frame you allowed? Did you experience setbacks and hurdles along the way? How did you handle those struggles? Depending on how you answered those questions is vital in determining how much grit you have. Keep reading, and we can determine what grit is, how it can help you grow, and how to acquire it.

What is the purpose of grit?

The purpose of grit is to keep us focused on our goals and giving us the drive to achieve those goals. If you look hard enough behind success and achievement, you will find grit.

If you have the talent and the smarts already that's excellent, but to thrive and do well, we need the ability to follow through. A great example of this is when a sports star has the natural talent to play at a high level, but when is faced with adversity, they fall short. The star has the talent but lacks the grit to push through the rough hurdles along the way. Pure talent alone will not be sustainable; at some point, every one of us will face adversity, and grit will be your friend to help you get past it.

5 Characteristics of Grit?

1) Diligent - Diligence is a personality trait of being steady, earnest, and putting forth an energetic effort. Diligent people are organized and very efficient in their work efforts. They also have the desire to do a task to their fullest potential. They tend to be a perfectionist who likes to do things "by the book." In general, diligent people have high moral values and principles; they pride themselves on doing things the right way the first time. They are the one in the group that loves to plan, make lists, and have everything organized in order. People that have diligent qualities also stick to their opinions and choices, the people they surround themselves with are there to strengthen their views.

2.) Resilience - To sum up, Resilience into one simple word, I would say "Toughness" - to be able to adapt quickly and recover from the change on the fly. Resilient people face life with a sense of humor; they don't take life too seriously. They can laugh at themselves at times, get challenging. Resilient people have a strong moral compass; they don't compare what they have or don't have to others. They know the only one they are competing with is themselves; this is how they measure their successes. They also see challenges as stepping stones instead of roadblocks. Each hurdle they face adds value to the direction they are going. They practice self-awareness and mindfulness instead of trying to control every situation. They can go with what life throws at them, they adjust their goals and ride the current as they flow toward the end result they are looking to obtain.

Grit is that 'extra something' that separates the most successful people from the rest. It's the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality. -Travis Bradberry

3.) Courage - When you think courage, you might think of the brave superhero, but courage comes in many forms. Courage is not the absence of fear; it's the ability to overcome it. Some examples of courage include standing up for people or situations when others don't agree, or it's unpopular, following through on your goal no matter where it might lead them, taking a chance when others choose to sit it out. The courageous types can say "NO," they have patience under pressure, and the ability to believe things can happen no matter what. They are not afraid to take the unpopular stand on things. They can move on quickly and forgive, but also stay in control as others flee.