Why do people crave attention?

Why do people crave attention?

Why do people crave attention? For starters, we all need some level of attention because we are social creatures. Soon as we are born, we get attention unconditionally from our parents or other loved ones.

I think the real question that we should be asking is, why do some people appear to be putting in extra effort to gain more attention?

For example, a guy goes out, buys a big lifted truck, and drives it around, revving the engine to get attention. He's attention-seeking to the extent that it comes off irrational.

As I stated in my book "Inner Child Healing - Parenting from Within," that our childhood traumas can change the way we respond when we reach adulthood. People who appear to be addicted to extra attention were brought up in such a way that makes them feel valued when they are reward attention. (Even if the attention is negative)

In this article, I will share with you some real-life examples that people have shared with me and one I have witnessed.

It has taken me a while but I finally don’t crave your attention, or love. I have begun to accept who I am now.

Reasons why some people crave attention

Growing up, I had no brothers and sisters, yep, that's right. I'm an only child. I can first hand say that often when a single child grows up, they are used to be the center of attention. When that child (like me) becomes an adult, they will often try to replicate the lifestyle that feels comfortable from childhood. This is why it is prevalent for an only child to crave attention from others as an adult.

In my teens, I was very self-aware and began to call myself out when I noticed that I was acting out in a way to seek attention - even negative attention. It has always been a thing in the back of my mind, and often at parties or family gatherings, I was the life of the party. The trick is to know when it can be too much for others in the room. I had to learn that not all attention is necessary and that I am responsible for the way that I feel.

Some people might feel unappreciated or overlooked in certain situations, and that is why they crave attention. Whenever I am a large group of people talking about self-help, there is at least one person who will try to cut me off mid-sentence to show they know more about the subject that I do. This person feels he or she is overlooked and is doing their best to gain some attention.

If someone has a superiority complex can be a possibility why a person would crave attention. People sometimes get themselves into dang