Why do we tell lies to people we love?

Why do we tell lies to people we love?

There are numerous reasons why people tell lies to the ones they love the most. Each reason or scenario might be different than the other; however, it still comes from the same common cause, unable to deal with the consequences of telling the truth.

Fear of being judged, the lack of courage, lack of communication skills, and the lack of ability to manage unplanned events make escaping the real facts a better option in their mind, rather than facing the actual situation.

When a person values honesty or is brought up in a way that lying isn't an option, they might try to come up with better choices instead of choosing to lie. If lying was a possible option in their mind choosing it would be the easy way out.

Lying is a combination of unable to face the facts from an honest point of view and the lack of moral values (open-mindedness of lying)

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to keep track of the lies.

6 reasons why people lie.

Let's talk about some specific reasons why we might lie to the ones we love.

1) To reach their goals: People might lie to obtain a benefit or reward. This is often seen when a person fudges on a resume or during an interview so they can get the edge on others. Often people will be ok with lying if it assumed that it is for the better of the common good.

2) To seek attention or validation: Some people will choose to make up stories or extend their truth because of the lack of self-confidence or self-worth. They might make up a story so that others will pay attention and validate their feelings towards them.

3) The fear of being judged: A lot of the reasons for people lying to the ones they love is the fact they fear they will be judged for the choices they have made or going to make. An example is this would be if a child were going to tell on themselves for making out with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They might not get in trouble; however, they don't want to be judged by their parents for making that choice. It's more comfortable to lie and not have to explain their reasons or face judgment from their parents. Most of the time, people lie because they fear what others will think.

4) To avoid punishment: often, a person will lie to avoid penalty. This is the